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We’re proud to introduce our investment grade solar solutions for roofing, ground mount and car ports. With market-leading 21.6% efficiency, Halo Solar solutions ensure a cost-effective
return on your investment.
Halo Solar Panel
Halo Solar panels feature:
High reliability
Temperature Coefficient
Up to 90% bifaciality
Anti-reflective coating
410-715W Power output
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Halo Solar System Portfolio
Halo-1 Metal Roofing Solar
HALO-1 – Metal Roofing Solar A patented lightweight design suited to a range of trapezoidal and standing seam profiles for roofing, with an anodised finish that ensures longevity and weather resistance.
HALO-2 – Flat to Pitch Solar
HALO-2 – Flat to Pitch Solar - Suitable for flat roofing and compatible with a range of solar panel sizes, from 425-560W, the HALO-2 comes with cable trays, inverters, optimisers and fixings kit, for easy installation.
HALO-3 – Ground Mount Solar
HALO-3 – Ground Mount Solar - A simple, fully cold rolled frame solution for ground mount solar arrays. The HALO-3 system boasts high wind performance thanks to superior strength of material, while its pile driven ground installation eliminates the need for concrete.
HALO 4 – Car Ports
HALO 4 – Car Ports - A 2-space car port, offering easy EV charging integration, HALO-4 takes up minimal ground space and comes in a range of styles. The panels are presented in vertical configuration and at a 25-degree pitch.
Working with specialist installers and our in-house engineering capability, we’ve created a unique range of solar mounting systems for AshGridTM DuoTherm. The AshGridTM DuoTherm 100 and DuoTherm 400 roof systems fit seamlessly with Halo Solar, an investment-grade solar solution which delivers efficiency up to 21.6%, combining thermal and acoustic performance with all the environmental and energy-saving benefits you’d expect from a high performance solar product.
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